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Video: Welcome to Remembary

Posted on: 2011-03-19

The latest version of Remembary came out last week, and I've put together a 2 minute screencast for it.

It took me two days to make these two minutes - but it was a lot of fun! I used ScreenFlow and GarageBand to put all of the elements together, including the ear-virus music loops.

I discovered that the best best way to do a video of an iPad app is to screencast it running in the simulator on a computer. Trying to get a real iPad on video is tricky: the screen has a lot of glare, you need to put your hand in front of it to do anything, which blocks the view and can change the focus and brightness settings on an autofocus camera. Also, as I discovered when I tried a few months ago, that the Real World can intervene:

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