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Remembary Sponsoring Podcamp Halifax

Posted on: 2011-01-18

A few months ago, I released my first iPad app: Remembary: The Connected Diary for Your iPad. Remembary is a personal diary that goes online and fetches Twitter and RSS feeds from things like blogs and social media to provide context for your day. I've kept a handwritten diary for years, but often get so busy that I get a few days behind and then can't remember what happened - so Remembary was first built just to please myself. However, now that it's out in the world as my first consumer-focused "Product", I've been learning a lot about sales, promotion, and marketing.

Remembary is a bit of a niche product: it's only for the iPad, and it's for that set of people who are interested in both social media and diary keeping. That's actually a fairly big group, but it's sometimes hard to reach. I've been learning that it's good to aim your promotion efforts at specific targets. So with that in mind, Remembary is proud to sponsor Podcamp Halifax 2011.

Here's the 'press release' blog post on the Remembary site:

I'm also going to be presenting at Podcamp Halifax, talking about the App Store, why it's not as easy to make money on it than you'd think, and why it's still worthwhile to have an app in the store anyhow.

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