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All In One Place: My Summer Travel Posts

Posted on: 2011-01-03

This summer I went on some amazing travels, and I got back into blogging and wrote about them. I visited Istanbul, Berlin, and Edinburgh - and less than a week after that trip found myself north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, visiting the island in the Beaufort Sea that my great-grandfather had used as a research base 100 years ago.

I planned to write about my trip as it happened, but I didn't end up finishing my last posts until late December. However, they're now all done - and here they all are in one place:

Getting There




Leffingwell, Alaska, and Flaxman Island

By the end of this month of extraordinary travel, I was utterly exhausted, I had no idea what time zone I was in, I had 2000 photographs, and a lot of tales to tell. I've really enjoyed sharing my stories with the world online, and have heard positive things from friends. After spending so much time on software, it's nice to be able to do some writing for a change.

I'm not planning to travel quite so extensively next summer. Perhaps the year after that, though. Of course, I haven't been to Cape Breton or P.E.I. or Newfoundland yet - and while these places are much closer to home, that doesn't make them any less story-worthy. I don't plan to leave this blog dormant for another year.

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