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Flying on 9/11

Posted on: 2006-09-13

I flew from San Francisco to Toronto on the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Except for the security people taking a little bit more time with everyone's luggage, there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

The movie on Air Canada 756, though, was Inside Man. An excellent movie - a thriller about a bank heist that isn't all that it seems - it is also very much about 9/11 in various elliptical ways. Besides the "We Will Not Forget" banners lurking in the background of many shots, the movie also investigates the ethical aftermath of historical crimes of mass murder in various ways. That's good food for thought - and the movie is a lot of fun to watch - but perhaps a planeload of slightly jumpy people doesn't need to see masked men waving AK-47s at terrified civilians, as well as Osama bin Laden's cousin asking Jodie Foster to help him find an apartment in New York?

At least they didn't play United 93.

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