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Posted on: 2008-01-09

Last night I gave a presentation at the first TSOT Ruby / Rails Presentation Night. In my presentation, I announced that after twelve years of freelance development, I've started a new company to build and sell software.

It's called "Shindig" - the full legal name is "Shindig Digital Constructions Inc." - and the website is

The site should be ready in a few days - but for now there is a welcome page with some contact info and a field for entering your email address if you want to be added to the Shindig mailing list.

As I mentioned in the presentation: "Shindig has a logo and functioning software, but doesn't quite have a website yet - which puts us ahead of many web companies, which have a logo and a website, but no software!"

Shindig will be the new home of my consulting and development work, but more importantly, it will manage and host web-based applications.

Shindig's first application is the S.O.S.: the Store Ordering System. Over the last year or so, I've worked intensely with GET Signage and Signs of Change to develop a flexible web-based application for managing retail signage programs. It provides catalogue management, production orders, shipment tracking, inventory management, and much more - all web-based and available on a subscription model. Signs of Change is already using the S.O.S. to manage signage programs for The Beer Store, Blockbuster, H&M, HMV, ICI Paints / Colour Your World, Lush Cosmetics, and Winners.

In December, Shindig acquired the rights to the S.O.S. and will be rebranding and releasing it in the next few weeks.

More details will be coming to the Shindig site soon.

Also once the site is up, I'll be splitting up my blogging. will cover business, technology and programming topics, while will be more personal - discussions of music and pictures of cats and the like.

This transition has been in the works for many months and I'm very excited to finally be able to announce it.

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