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TSOT Ruby/Rails Project Night

Posted on: 2007-12-12

As mentioned on Accordion Guy's blog, I'm going to be presenting at TSOT's first Ruby/Rails Night in January 8th.

I'm still working out the details of my talk, but it'll be about a recent large project I've done, some Rails tricks I've figured out that make my programming life easier, some reflections on ten years of writing bespoke business software, and some other new things that I can't really talk about yet.

The new TSOT offices are going to be great (they were empty when I saw them - but the furniture they're bringing in is rumoured to be very nice) and I hope people will be able to pull themselves away from the stunning view of the ROM and the upper storeys of the Four Seasons hotel to pay attention to my presentation.

If Joey brings his Keytar as well as his accordian, maybe we'll do a duet!

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