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IE is pants, pure and simple

Posted on: 2007-12-07

Stephen Fry is funny, smart, and has a great voice. He's almost stereotypically British. He's also, it turns out, a computer dork. All of these things come together in his statement from today's post on his Blog: "IE is pants, pure and simple"

In North America, "pants" are what you wear on your legs - but in the U.K., "pants" means underwear, with an implication of tighty-whities, and is a low-key curse word (sort of like 'berk' but I'm not going to go there).

Some Brits, when upset, are known to shout "Pants!" - and they'll insist on calling the things on their legs 'Trousers'.

Don't get me started on 'Fanny Packs'.

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