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Posted on: 2007-11-29

As noted (again) on boingboing, the upcoming Pixar movie, 'Wall*E' has a brilliant promotional website, a perfect spoof of a bland corporate website. It features lots of clip art of bland photogenic ethnically-mixed corporate types, just-slightly-too-active Flash animation, a crazy disclaimer, and a typically hideous "Core Values" statement:

Buy n Large believes in focusing brand responses into leveraging consumer enhancement and nurturing emotional or cognitive customer satisfaction across the entire retail framework, while magnifying dynamic industry expansion into bespoke evergreen solutions. Our ability to harness visionary synergies and optimize out-of-the-box systems has created a dynamic process where we construct revolutionary architectures that redefine communities and cultivate integrated markets. Because we continually utilize global action points that enable 24/7 systems, our ability to engineer scalable methodologies is now second to none. At By n Large, it's always been important for us to incubate leading-edge action points and unleash best-of-breed relationships. Our focus has always been to strategize solutions that will enable our customers to harness collaborative relationships while we transparently utilize extensible models.

Compare that to a real site - let's say, just to pick one randomly, Ariba:

As the leading provider of Spend Management solutions, Ariba helps companies analyze, understand, and manage their corporate spending to achieve increased cost savings and business process efficiency. Ariba Spend Management Solutions comprise a unique, comprehensive blend of domain expertise, operational services, and technology that accelerate each customer's journey toward an improved bottom line.

And hey look! they provide "solutions"!

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