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Joey Starts at TSOT and Jeff goes 37Signals

Posted on: 2007-11-27

Famous (and nice) Toronto Web Guy Joey "Accordian Guy" deVilla has left his big tech job at Tucows to work at the social networking startup TSOT.

I've done a bit of work on the side with the TSOT folks on their FraternityLive application. It's a good company with good people that not only has a sense of fun, but has an actual live product with paying users. Because of other looming opportunities, I couldn't take a full time gig there - but I'm hoping to sneak in and play some wii every so often.

In other moving news, local Rails shop Unspace has lost Jeffrey Hardy - but to the only other place I know that could be cooler for a Rails Alpha Geek: 37Signals. About a year ago I spent a day with Jeff going over an early version of the Get SOS system - and he gave me lots of helpful advice, and also gave me a nice comment on the Working With Rails site.

All the best to everyone in their new situations.

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