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New Year, New Runs (Hopefully)

Posted on: 2024-01-09

Andrew Burke at the start line of the Bluenose Half Marathon

Well, we're over a week into 2024 and it's already been pretty tumultuous. Hopefully one way it will improve on 2023 is not every single one of the races I've signed up for will get interrupted by bad weather. In the spirit of hope for the new year, I've signed up for the "Fill Yer Boots" run package:

The main reason I sign up for these is to have goals to aim for in my training, but it's also great to be in a race, feeling the excitement and sense of achievement of all the other people around you. I had hoped to get a lot of that last year, but nature had other plans. Hopefully this year will go better. If even one of them works out I'll be happy.

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