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Hal-Con 2023

Posted on: 2023-10-27

Today is the start of Hal-Con 2023. Usually this would be a very busy weekend for me, as I would be running my starshipsstarthere booth, selling calendars and posters and the like. Unfortunately for whatever reason I didn't get selected as a vendor this year. That's okay actually, since I haven't done many new pictures over the last year anyhow. Instead, I got a weekend pass and I'm actually going to attend Hal-Con this year. I've never just attended a Con before - I've always been selling, and have only managed a few minutes here and there to check things out and grab a snack before rushing back to my booth. I'm not sure what I'll actually do with myself. I might play some board or video games, take in some sessions, watch the Baby Races, and maybe just actually have some conversations with fellow nerds.

It should be fun!

Two people in cosplay looking at the street below beside a giant skeleton at Hal-Con 2022

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