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Posted on: 2007-01-19

Importing a car from the US is a complicated process. There was a Kafkaesque moment when I needed to drive the car to a shop to get an inspection, but couldn't drive it without insurance and couldn't get insurance without registration and couldn't get registration without an inspection - but it turned out that the insurance I already had on my previous car could be temporarily extended to my new car for a day or so while I drove it around.

Biggest piece of advice: if you have a digital camera, TAKE PICTURES OF ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS! Store these pictures in your computer. Then, if you misplace your documents or forgot them two hours' drive away or need to fax something to somebody in New Jersey and you don't have a fax machine (who faxes anymore anyhow?) you can print the photographs on any nearby printer or fax them directly from your computer. This has already saved my bacon several times. The faxes come out looking extra-sharp, too, since what makes most faxes look like crap is actually the cheap scanner in the fax machine.

Taking pictures of important documents is a great idea in general. I also take pictures of cheques that I write and receive - that way I have a time-stamped record of outgoing and incoming cheques so when I do my accounting at the end of the year I can figure out what that $73.88 was for.

My new license plate is great - BAAX 072 - Ontario has just started in on the 'B' letters. Sounds like a rock band from another planet, or a sheep with a throat condition.


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