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Posted on: 2005-11-10

iTunes Music Store is dangerous if it's a late Friday night and you've had a few drinks. "Oh - that looks neat, I'll get the whole album!" Next thing you know you've purchased everything Metric has ever released and some 80s Hair Metal that you vaguely remembered liking at a High School dance.

Actually, the latest adventure was pretty good. I'm still trying to figure out if Metric is really good or really bad - at least it's not obvious.

There wasn't any Hair Metal this time (although the Auf der Mar track is heading in that direction), but some things that I really like.

The album closes with a tripped-out funky sound collage, which sounds like Funkadelic heard "Revolution #9" and thought "Needs more cowbell!"

Oh yeah - and Auf der Mar and Martha Wainwright and, um, Metric.

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