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Posted on: 2006-11-07

If you Google for 'Far Coast', my previous blog post shows up as the # 3 entry. A multi-million dollar project from one of the largest corporations in the world, and my midafternoon spontaneous comments show up ahead of most newspaper articles and just below the official site. I love the web. Google requests for 'Far Coast' are 30% of my incoming site traffic - not that I get a lot of traffic, but still.

This'll be search result #4, I guess.

Hi, Coca Cola executives and market research people! [wave!] I'm the guy who's there about four times a week, gets a large Passage West Americano ($2.91), sits in front of the giant picture window in front of Bloor Street and does programming on a 17" PowerBook. I see you going up and down those stairs to the third-floor offices all day long. Say hello some time. Have a coffee.

Things I like about Far Coast:

I find as straight-up coffee (not turned into a Latte or whatever), it's certainly better than the over-bitter Starbuck's coffee and has a bit more presence than Tim Horton's. The Mocha/Latte/etc. blends seem okay, but I'm not so much into those. I would still have to say that for me the best coffee in the area is at the Montreal Bakery, just one block due north of Far Coast. The best coffee I've had in town would be at Mitzi's on Sorauren - not sure what there is about it, but it's great. I haven't tried the Framboose or Panchai, but they smell good and the younger schoolkids who hang out there seem to enjoy them.

Things I don't like about Far Coast

Interesting though: The brand itself is global, with stores and sales around the world - so it is in fact a world of beverages, while building a store experience of another kind of world of beverages. The face of 21st century retail, I guess.

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