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Back in Santa Cruz

Posted on: 2007-04-06

I was recently in California to visit with my family and spent a day in Santa Cruz - my first time back since we moved back to Toronto in December. I realize that my last post about Santa Cruz was mostly negative - the things on one's mind when one is leaving a place, I guess - so here are things that I like about Santa Cruz, and which I was glad to see again:

Toronto is way ahead of Santa Cruz in Indian cuisine, though - although a new place just opened up on Pacific that may change that a bit. Haven't tried it, but it's about time they got a place for fresh Naan and a decent curry.

When the Rolling Stone review of the first Stooges album came out, I think it was written by Lenny Kaye, I think it also contained the first reference to the word 'punk.' I think it happened from that review. To paraphrase, 'This is the music of punks cruising for burgers.' And I was so furious because I was a macrobiotic! (laughter) But he had a point -- I was a macrobiotic with a burger mentality.

There are a few places I didn't get around to seeing again, although I enjoyed them before. They include:

So it's not all bad in Santa Cruz - the police have been patrolling more along Pacific Avenue, so walking downtown doesn't feel like running the gauntlet any more. If you're ever in the area, be sure to try these places - and enjoy the sunshine.

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