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Contact Festival

Posted on: 2006-05-06

On Friday night I went to the Gladstone Hotel on Queen West to celebrate my friend Pete's 35th birthday (downstairs), and see my other friend Mondo's show at the Contact festival (upstairs).

My conquest of all media continues - last week I was in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, this week, Flickr.

Mondo has taken a number of pictures in bathrooms, so he set up his exhibit in the bathroom of room 202 at the Gladstone. To continue the theme, he took pictures of his various visitors in the bathroom/exhibit space and added them to his Flickr set.

Here's me in the bathtub. This should really be called Burke in Bathtub #2, as the other Burke of Mondo's acquaintance, Carolyn Burke (no relation) was famously featured on the cover of U.S. News & World Report in a bathtub with her ThinkPad. Next time I'll bring my PowerBook.

I took a shot of Mondo which he also posted, here.

While leaving the Gladstone, Ron Sexsmith supposedly walked right past me, and, typically, I didn't notice.

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