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Posted on: 2005-09-23

Notes from a week and a half of using my black 4 gig iPod nano:

  • It only works with USB, which means that everything loads slowly from the USB 1 on Tamala, my PowerBook G4. I heard that the drives on the other iPods used to flake out after too much USB 1. I guess adding Firewire would have made it thicker. Another reason to get a new PowerBook some day.

  • It is so pretty, my preciousssss

  • it scratches if you look at it too hard. For something so eminently portable, this is a bit of a problem. They have wrappers for it, but they only seem to come in pastel colours - what's wrong with black?

  • The tiny screen is actually very sharp, so the pictures I've stored on it actually don't look too bad - even the vast mountain panoramas I took while in Alberta last month.

  • I'm always afraid of losing the thing underneath a receipt or some other piece of paper on my desk.

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