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What's awesome about Toronto
Posted on: 2008-06-07

It's a record-breaking hot day today (34 degrees celsius, 93 fahrenheit) in Toronto, but there's a breeze and not too much smog. This has made it a fantastic Saturday in the city. I've spent the day walking around town and remember what I like so much about Toronto: the parties everywhere. Just today from walking around I saw:

  • The Muhtadi Drum Festival in Queen's Park.

  • some event with hordes of children in Dufferin Grove Park

  • Live Graffiti Art with hip-hop DJs behind the Drake in West Queen West

  • Live Music underneath several hundred audience-sensing balloons at Dundas Square

  • The Parachute Club playing punk music (?!) outside the funky OCAD building

  • Something with a wild cheering crowd at City Hall, but I was too far away to figure out what it was

... and that's just from walking around without even trying to find an event. I gather that if I had walked a bit further east and south I would have collided with Woofstock.

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