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Silicon Valley Ruby Conference - Day 1

Posted on: 2006-04-23

Here are choice quotes from the presenters, in a vaguely 'Projectionist' style. Since you can probably get the actual content of the presentations from other parts of the web, I'm only including the pithy quotes and funny responses - to give a feel of what it was like there.

Actually, to get the real feel of what it was like there while you read this, you should surround yourself with smart people, turn the heat up and close all the windows, and have someone randomly turn your wi-fi on and off.

Please note that these have been loosely paraphrased from my semi-legible hand-written notes and faulty memory. Any misrepresentations or errors are entirely my fault.

Adam Keys: Culture and Aesthetic of Ruby on Rails

Ryan Davis - Test Driven Design with ZenTest

Hal Fulton - Interfacing Ruby With Oracle

Rich Kilmer - The Contract

Chad Fowler - Rails 1.1 Language Evolution in Action

Eric Hodel - Distributed Ruby

David Pollak - Metaprogramming: Building Classes on the Fly

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