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Now Fake Steve is Getting Close To Home

Posted on: 2007-10-29

From Fake Steve Jobs:

But I think they don't quite know which party they're talking about. See this screed where some Javatard says Apple has been spitting in his face because we didn't include Java 6 in Leopard. Or something. So he says he's selling his Mac. His headline is, "So long, Apple. The party's over." Well he's right about one thing. The party is over -- the Java party, that is. Glad to see the Javatards have finally figured that out. Word is they're co-sponsoring a support group with Lotus Notes developers. Fun bunch.

Having been a Lotus Notes developer and then a Java developer, this would have made me very touchy, but I've been doing Ruby on Rails for over two years now, so only my old self is touchy.

They may have left out Java, but I notice that Leopard has a lot of nice built in support not only for Rails, but also to let you use Ruby (or Python) instead of AppleScript or even Objective C in building native Mac apps. I think they can see where things are going and who is in their main audience - hint: not 'enterprise' types.

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