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My most popular posts are un-published!

Posted on: 2007-07-02

Turns out if you Google for 'Rails CRM', this blog shows up near the bottom of the first page, with a set of articles called "Quickie CRM - How I Do Rails". That's great - but I never actually published these articles!

Back in the fall, I had been asked to set up some CRM functionality for Get Signage as part of my work on their new system. I realized that I could probably do the basics for a CRM application pretty quickly, and that it might make an interesting set of blog posts. There are a lot of introductory articles on how Rails works, and there are a lot of advanced ones - but not a lot in the middle ground, simply showing how someone just builds application functionality. I wrote up three parts covering basic data modelling and unit testing, and sent links to some colleagues. I then got busy and never got around to writing the rest of the articles - and then a lot of things changed in the CRM app so what I had already written wasn't really correct anyhow.

So these posts sat in the 'drafts' area of my home-made PHP3 (blech!) blogging software. Then a few weeks ago, I noticed that these articles were getting hits. This seems to have coincided with a) Google releasing their code search functionality, and b) 37Signals releasing Highrise, their Rails-based CRM system. I'm still not sure how my otherwise not linked to anything posts got indexed - and I'm still checking to see if any of my colleagues linked to it somehow, maybe by accident or something.

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