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Joel Corrects Himself In Mid-Post

Posted on: 2007-06-11

Joel on Software complains about how slow the supposedly fast Safari for Windows browser is. However, as he's posting, he discovers that it's loading more quickly and by the time he's finished his rant about Jobs' Reality Distortion Field he's changed his mind.

Apple is and always has been severely dishonest in all their advertising when it comes to performance. This is the company that spent years telling us that the PowerPC was faster than Intel, only, suddenly, to change their claims midsentence without an explanation when reality caught up with them, in a scene almost exactly like the scene in 1984: “Merely it became known, with extreme suddenness and everywhere at once, that Eastasia and not Eurasia was the enemy."


PPPPPS 20 minutes later: The more I run Safari on Vista, the faster it launches. Am I hallucinating? Is there a cosmic force that means just when I complain about Safari taking 57 seconds to launch, as soon as that complaint is made public, it launches much more quickly? Am I going insane? Or is someone playing a clever prank on me? It's this kind of epistemological, reality-shifting shit that makes me not want to blog any more. We are at war with Eastasia. We were always at war with Eastasia. 2+2=5, and I love Steve Jobs.

Joel is often cranky and it's fair to complain about Apple's generally over-optimistic claims (the Orwell comparison is a bit much though) - but it's nice to see someone who's also honest and is willing to change his mind in the middle of a post.

Forget errata on page 2 the next day - in Internet Time you correct yourself as you're writing!

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