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Update: Coffee

Posted on: 2007-05-27

The coffee scene has changed a bit in this high-coffee-shop density part of Toronto.

Far Coast seems to be coming into its own - it's hard to find a seat there any time after about 11:30am, and the little patio they've set up is great for a sunny day, especially if sipping their new Moroccan-style mint-and-honey tea (I think it's called 'Zwina' - I keep wanting to say 'Zima', which is something else entirely!).

The Timothy's underground near Holt Renfrew has closed and been replaced by a Starbuck's - Timothy's I guess decided there were too many of their shops within a five minute walk. Starbucks doesn't seem to have such qualms - there are two Starbucksen that can be reached from the new shop within five minutes without going outside and five others within three blocks or so if you dare to get some fresh air.

I had complained that there weren't any independently-owned coffee shops around here that sold Fair Trade and Organic coffees and provided free open wireless. Well, someone was listening and opened one just at my corner! It's called 'Urbana Cafe' and it's taking the space over from a failed hair salon and, before that, a Bubble Tea place. I can't imagine the rent is cheap there, so I hope they do well. They're getting my business - the coffee is particularly tasty and it's all organic and mostly fair trade. They're also open until 11pm, which is great for me and my late night coding sessions. I think they're still working out what to do with the space and what to sell - and they charmingly misspelled 'sandwhiches' on their big banners out front.

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