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Posted on: 2007-04-09

I've been reading and hearing a lot lately about silly lawsuits and the vagaries of copyright law, so here's something for the record:

By posting code or opinions to this site, I provide them freely to anyone who wishes to use them. If you do use my code or opinions, attribution or at least a link back to the source would be very much appreciated.

I make no guarantee of the soundness or error-free nature of either my code or my opinions - if you want to use either in your work or life, it's your own fault if something goes wrong, so don't blame me.

You should never use someone else's code or opinions without first checking them carefully to ensure correctness and applicability to your current situation and properly integrating them with your own in a consistent manner.

Honestly, there isn't much on this site in the way of code or opinion that is really useful by itself without needing to be integrated with a larger system - so use responsibly and at your own risk.

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